My latest Sherlock Holmes short story Miss Violet Dixon (deceased)

My latest Sherlock Holmes short story Miss Violet Dixon (deceased)
The front cover created with Gimp with help from Aubrey Watt on You Tube.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Well, a much belated Happy New Year from me. You find me this morning propped up in bed recovering from the very nasty Norovirus. New Year found us looking after the black Labrador of a friend of ours. Charlotte is a big softy and she and our Labrador are great friends. Charlotte had a twisted ankle and hopped every now and then so we were very careful with her when at the beach.

Our small town is keen on energy saving and all (and I mean ALL) the street lamps are turned off at 10pm. So, a late night walk for the dogs before bed saw me with my fluorescent 'gilet de securite' (the high viz fluorescent and reflective waistcoat from the car) and the dogs in the doggie version! The local Gendarmes also wear these as do the Customs officers who now and then make random checks of the local motorists to make sure they are not running their cars on 'red' diesel (this is the specially coloured diesel used by farmers in their tractors and is sold to them at a tiny fraction of pump prices so their is a great temptation to use it). One night we were out walking with the dogs, who looked like drug sniffer dogs, when a car approached, saw us and immediately slowed and drove at the speed limit. Must have thought we were the French 'Old Bill'.

Our friend returned from spending New Year in Versailles bringing with him the Norovirus. He thought it was food poisoning from a dodgy prawn but no, it was the Norovirus which he passed on to us by shaking my hand and a bissus (kiss) to my wife. Twenty four hours later we were vomiting for England. This lasted for 12 hours and today we feel like we have been beaten with iron bars. Our friend was so disorientated with this that he filled his diesel car with petrol. Lots of money to be towed to a garage, more money to have the tank drained and more to refil the tank. Norovirus seriously messes with your head.

Still, before I was smitten by this, I did manage to finish my third Sherlock Holmes short story, The Cagliari Affair which is now published at Smashwords. Just pop along to Smashwords and download a chunk for free and see if you like it before buying it! Enjoy!

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